Hello InfiniteCrafters,
You might remember me , i am goqqmode , i write down this email so i can explain how i feel right now and to tell you how much i missed all of you and soon we will be back all together as we used to.

The Good News are that i am starting a fund raise for our server. Our goal is to collect enough money to start a small server again so we can play as family like we  used to but with more fun.

Now the bad news are that this server will take atleast one or two months to be perfectly designed but im 100% sure that it will worth ,you will be all updated by its progress almost every once or twice per week.

I know alot of you might want to play and others not but , im hoping that this server is not dead and we still have hope if you belive in us you can donate from 1$ up to as much as you like , we will appriciate every donation.

For more details contact me,
Skype: Aggelelos1997
Facebook: Άγγελος Παναγιώτου

Kind Regards,

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Fiz Aww missing infinitecraft glad your back QQ.
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