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Our Decision

[Owner] GoQQmode a posted Aug 19, 14
Hello Crafters,

1.5.2 Minecraft News:
We decide NOT to update 1.5.2 Server, but we now have more powerful dedicated and in a few days infinite craft will go offline to install our new dedicated and we now have STRONG DDoS protection which will be added after the maintenance.

What about 1.7.9 Minecraft:

Due to a decision that i made with myself , that Infinite Craft will grow better and it will be way more fun at 1.7.9 , I'm now announcing the NEW 1.7.9 Infinite Craft a brand new server which will be open for  premium users so everyone can have fun without spammers or hackers!

  My Plans
  • 1.7.9 Will be HUB
  • 1.7.9 Factions Server
  • 1.7.9 Prison Server
  • 1.7.9 Creative Server
  • 1.7.9 Survival Games Server

NOTE: We will have both 1.7.9 and 1.5.2 working so you will be able to choose where to play , 1.7.9 will accept EULA rules and donator ranks will be diffrent and it will be more player friendly , more fun , way faster without crashes,  24/7 online, and it will be under development each weekend , that means each weekend we will have changes to our Server ChangeLog.

Kind Regards,

Dumbledore234 - PotionMaster what are you trying to say archie???
♫♫indianssoul♫♫ no no no no way ...
archie if this server is change to 1.5.2 i will not play this server anymore cause i cant find 1.7.9 cracked minecraft :'(
Hello Crafters,

I would like to ask you , about quests in the infinite craft , i wanna work on a project for a faction quests for main quests , side quests , farm quests . You have to decide you want a story for infinite craft 1.5.2 or quests for farming (farming means killing mobs , people for daily or hourly rewards with no story just kill that and you get rewards) or a storyline with side quests (this will require a lot of more work to complete) and i think farm quests will be the best for us but im letting you decide about the server!
Infinite Craft Now , Tomorrow & Always Available!

Kind Regards,

RayGun - Animation Master Guys, i think i have a brilliant idea for a storyline with quests, and i out alot of effort into it so please check it o ...
theassasin add custom mobs like full diamond zombies or zombies that has allot of health but when you kill them you can get some co ...

Bleeding Day

[Owner] GoQQmode a posted Aug 8, 14
Hello Crafters,

Tomorrow 9-August server will be offline for most of the day i will work on ways to make infinite craft more fun and better as server , because i noticed that we start losing people , if you want to help us keep going you will need to start advertising us please and you will be honored by us , we will support all kind of youtubers with good videos.

Kind Regards,
XxSlySlayerxX make an ender portal to make everyone happy ...
ζⱣrḗcisionⱣvⱣζ Infinite Craft is Awsome!
XxSlySlayerxX peterG can you give me the recorder link download to help something
Hello Crafters,

Today i want to ask YOU what you want me to add , remove edit on the server to make it more funny and i would like to push our server to your facebook , twiter or whatever social media website , if you want to help us please leave a comment bellow and let me know what you want to be added.

Kind Regards,
slayer1121 dont switch to 1.7.9 because i cant switch and i donated and i like everyone on 1.5.2 and the mods are amazing
[Donate] Moonshiner_MC 1. The im not sure what its named but i think Mcmmo ...
ζⱣrḗcisionⱣvⱣζ Can You Make The Assassin Rank Have The Kit Back?
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