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Sale on Eid!

[Owner] iTzRogue_Jedi a posted Jul 16, 14
Hey everyone! Its nearly Eid ( An exciting time of the year :D ) and as requested, TheInfiniteCraft Will Be holding an Eid Sale on the 27th July! 
Most Items/Ranks in store will be 25% OFF!
Extra Features for Eid:
Special packages
- A bundle of packages with sale items with price lowered even further!
- A special Rank for the 4 Days of Eid!
- Special gifts with some packages!
- A special kit to celebrate Eid!
- Donators drop party! (will last a long time :D )

Members will also get a better kit for the 4 Days of Eid!

Starts on 27th July! 
Ends 3rd august :(
Be ready!
§_FrostMan_§ I agree with claudia,how to start DP on 24/25th on July,maybe some people want to do donate but not have enough time.
claudia1 - Artist Can you do Dp at 27,28,29,30,31 because I have school on August
§_FrostMan_§ Please start on 24/25th July, i think many people want to donate this server on holiday. And it's many people who school ...

Economy reset

[Owner] GoQQmode a posted Jul 15, 14

Today i will reset economy plugin for many reasons , the balance for everyone will be 7.500$.

Kind Regards,
theassasin when are you going to reset
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