Hello and welcome to The Infinite Craft.

We are a server with a nice amount of game modes and we are still expanding.
All this started of with the 1.5.2 Craftbukkit server.

Our 1.5.2 server offers the following features:
  • Factions
  • PVP World
  • Survival World
  • Creative World
  • Combat Log
  • Auctions
  • Chest Shops
  • Amazing Minigames (Skywars, Survival Games and a lot more to come since we are expanding!)
  • A nice amount of donator ranks which gives you a more enjoyable experience while playing
  • DDoS Protected
  • Strong Dedicated Server


claudia1 Infinite Craft is the best server of the Minecraft world!
[Donate] shodredux Thank you TigerLili212!!!....if you want yo have MORE! fun please tell to your friends about our server! ...
TigerLily212 I love Infinite craft <3