Server being down

[Owner] Izaiah5 posted 8 hours ago
Hello everyone, the server is down due to some issues and financial problems, but do not worry it will come back up very soon. Also to make up for the time lost I will work extra hard with the other InfiniteCraft staff to open a 1.5 skyblock server :) the skyblock server will include skywars and custom maps :) hope to see everyone there ^_^. 
dussienator I. Agree with overlord, but please tell me the map wont reset,the server was jsut starting to be fun again.
[Voter] OverLordZavorak It'd be nice if we were to know how this is going to affect players, will you be getting all data for infinitecraft from ...
dussienator Does this means an map reset, again?

Goodbye my friends

[Owner] GoQQmode a posted Sat at 16:32
Theres no words to say hello to this message ,

So i decided to stop developing infinitecraft , due to many school issues since its my last year before university i thought i could try my best and my free time reduced to none , so all i wanted to say is that i had a great time and fun with you guys its been a wonderful year with all of you but im afraid i have to leave.

I don't know about the server in 2 days it will stop working unless someone wants to buy it i will close it because no one has the skills to maintain it online.

I hope we will meet again soon,
Kind Regards,
TheLeatherDudeMC If appie stole the money why appie is an owner is it ur what qq. if i could be owner i would not be like appie APPIE IS ...
archie - Redstone Genius goqqmode i have a question. how did you do the permissions on the member that allows the member use only the /kit member ...
archie - Redstone Genius did appie stole the money?! i will report him to police! just please dont stop this server :l
Hello crafters,

Schools started for every country so we decided to add a discount week , all donation ranks will be -30% and you will win 15golden apples and 25k ingame money for each donation , donations above 100 euro get a free undead kit for one of their friend , donations above 50 euro get assassin kit , donations above 200 euro get a assassin , undead and a demigod rank for three of their friends.

Kind Regards,
[Admin] PeterG its for everyone theleatherdudemc
TheLeatherDudeMC can i have to?
Hello Crafters,

I think i fixed the donation problem the ppl who donated and didnt received their ranks please contact me from skype: aggelelos1997 but i will need an ingame name when you add me, and i will do my best to check if you donated or not .

Kind Regards,
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